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Outlook 2003 - Making a new email account
Quick Guide

  • Select the Tools menu and then select E-mail Accounts.

  • Select Add a new e-mail account.

  • Select the Next button.

  • On the Server Type page select POP3.

  • Select the Next button.

  • You can fill in your details on the Internet E-mail settings(POP3) window.

  • In the Your Name box type in the name you want attached to your email.

  • In the Your Email box type in your email address that you created in the control panel.

  • Type in the Incoming Mail Server details that were supplied to you in the 'Setup Information' email in the Incoming Mail Server(POP3) box.

  • Type in the Outgoing Mail Server details that were supplied to you in the 'Setup Information' email in the Outgoing Mail Server(SMTP) box.

  • The User Name box should contain your complete email address.

  • The Password box should contain the password that you assigned to your email address in the control panel.

Please check that the User Name and password that you type in are not in the wrong capitalisation because user names and passwords are case sensitive. The password that you type in shows up as a bunch of stars to keep it private.
  • Select the Remember Password box if you want Outlook 2003 to NOT prompt you for your password every time you download your email.

  • Click on More Settings and select the General tab.

  • The Reply E-mail box should contain your Reply-to email address. This is usually your full email address.

  • Select the Advanced tab. Check that the port number for Incoming Server(POP3) is 110 and Outgoing Server(SMTP) is 25.

  • You can change the server timeouts on this page as well, in most cases the default setting is Short and 1 minute. We suggest that you increase the time out to 2 minutes.

  • Click OK to return to the E-mail Accounts page and click Next to complete the add new mail account wizard.