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Testimonials Page
Here's what clients have to say about us. If you feel like giving a tap on the shoulder please do send us an email at

To everyone that has assisted me at Host4Africa in setting up my email on outlook thank you very much. You guys are extremely efficient, patient and comprehensive with your responses. It is not often that one gets such professional and excellent service from organisations. Thank you all again.

» Trevor Gordon

I have always been impressed with the service Host4Africa has given to their customers. Although I'm a new customer, I have been on several projects where we have used your services in the past. I have to give Host4Africa a 10/10, it's very rare to find such professionalism in South Africa these days. My site was set up in 1 working day (including domain registration) and the domain had propagated in 4 hours. The response from your support team has also been top notch. Concise, friendly and professional. Keep it up guys! I will no doubt recommend Host4Africa for any web hosting in the future.

» Kevin McKelvin

I would like to thank you guys for the support. I am really excited and it's all thanks to you for the amazing job you do. Thanks again for your quick response. I will surely recommend you Host4Africa to all my future clients.

» Thabo Molwele

Firstly, we would love to say thank you for such a great service you are providing. Since the first day we came across Host4Africa, you literally helped us and pushed us into the right direction. We have had so many problems and obstacles in our way, and yet everything you helped us get through it. At this point in time, we're still facing a problem with our site, and yet I know you guys will help us resolve this. A great product, AND EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SUPPORT INCLUDED, what more can we ask for?! You guys are the REAL DEAL, that's why no one should hesitate in using your services. You guys are truly, truly remarkable with everything you do for a client, and deserve the reach the top and REMAIN ON TOP! I can truly say: with the kind of services and support you're providing, I can see your business evolving into an empire!!! It's so worth every cent! Keep up the excellent work, and never stop pursuing success!

» W. Hough & L. Dawson

As I said in one of my previous e-mails, it is very difficult nowdays to get good service in SA. Host4Africa and all their staff make the picture a lot brighter. Every single request, every sinlge e-mail, every single cry for help has been replied to every single time. I will continue to host all my sites through Host4Africa as well as recomment it to anyone needing your services. You guys are great!

» Alex Rasevic

What a fantastic service! We really appreciate it! It s so nice to know people who cares!

» Johann and Ina (Autumn Breath)

Good Day,

I wish to compliment you and your staff on a truly wonderful service experience, I do and will continue to recommend you to everyone I can. Your prices are unbelievably reasonable! Your turn around time is impeccable! Your prompt, efficient, professional service is incomparable!
Please keep up the un-matched amazing service you offer!

» Colleen Baranov

Thanks for your support and quick response , you guys are great!

» Michael Ried| Storm media

I just want to say thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am a new client (2 days) and I am VERY impresed with how awake you are!! Thanks a million for you quick response. (Now I know why my freinds recomended you) SWEET SERVICE KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!

» Donovan Hay

Thank you very much for your quick response! It is highly appreciated I have to say, host4africa truly gives the best service and surprisingly for the lowest price. Thanks again.

Best Regards,
» Helgaard Doman

My second attempt at creating a website and I chose host4africa again (some things do stay the same, your price hasn't even gone up since 2 years ago). One day later I had a new domain & website up and running - due to your automated responses that are fast and easy to understand, even for a novice like me. Hats off to host4africa !

» Jan de Mooij

i've hosted at many different companies, and never have I had such good service. You are quick, cost effective, and in general a good bunch of people. by all means fwd this to you GM, and let him know, that you've made yet another happy new customer, and i will definalty stop seraching now for a good host provider, since i found it.

Kind Regards, and keep up the good work. This company is on a road of success
» Ben Fourie

Firstly I'd like to congratulate you on a great product! I've paid ten times as much for hosting before and was utterly disappointed with the product, but you've proven that you can make a website affordable to anyone without compromising on quality!

» JC Nieuwenhuizen

I must commend you and your company! I registered, went away from my desk for 30 min and when I got back everything had already been done! Great service guys! Keep it up!

» Barry Braum

I am astonished! Never have I dreamed that companies provide service at this level! It is truly amazing! I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding service and loyalty towards me (and I'm sure, all your customers!). Well done, and to my opinion, you should be listed as one of the top companies in the the world!

Kind regards,
» Charl du Toit
» CenDaTech

As always your service is fantastic. Thank you for everything

» Lauren Churcher

Thank you very much for you support, I am very satisfied with you services, it's very excellent, I have referred you to all my friends. Once again thank you.

» Cheridan Ngoyi-zissy

Thank you, VERY efficient ! I am constantly impressed with your service !

Kind regards,

» Greig Morrison

Good morning!

As quick as that, I really appreciate your excellent service.

» Chris Mills

Just to say how impressed I am with your system. I was very sceptical after looking at your prices and knowing most of your processes are automated. However, I am very satisfied with your help files and service.

Thank you and well done!
» Eugene Wessels

I just want to thank you for all the help! It was the first time I transferred a domain name myself, and it's finally done! Thanks for the wonderful support and the prompt response. I've being using you guys for not even a year and I know its going to be a long relationship. Things are getting a bit busy from my side, so you will DEFINETELY getting more business from me!!! Keep up the GREAT work.
» Sunil Sewpersadh

Thank you very much. You really provide great service! I'm impressed by the speed you operate. Thanx again!
» Freddie

I am very impressed with both the application and the support you offer.
» Greig Morrison

I am impressed with regards to the efficiency from the moment I signed up (needing a domain name reservation as well as a hosting solution), that this was completed in a single business day (as suggested by yourselves).

I also would like to comment on how impressed I am with the speed and helpfulness of your company whenever I have a comment or question.

How refreshing!
» Wade Beele

Thanks again for great support!
» Sunil

I must say.... I have seen some of the other "inexpensive" offerings but your support is tops.... some of these guys never even reply to email.....
» Mr. Botha

I would just like to say that this new hosting options of yours, definitely makes you one of the top hosting providers in South Africa.

» Gert

The transfer of CodeLine was very smooth and your hosting package seems very professional. Specifically your FP2002 extensions are stable and working! There will be a new domain registered shortly.

» Mike

This is truly the best service I have come across in my entire life - not to mention the quick responses! Thank you for everything! I am looking forward doing business with you for years to come. Thank you for the sub domains and the mailboxes. I just wanted a safe margin for larger files being mailed to me.

Today, I have already referred 2 other companies to you. They should contact you within the next couple of days. Again, thank you very much!
» Charl du Toit

Also I wish to compliment you on your excellent services! I have never met such frinedly staff. Thank you for all your help.
» Andre

I have registered a domain recently ( and decided to host it with - my first attempt at designing and hosting a website. I was pleasantly surprised by your excellent and friendly service, the speed at which everything was setup by you and how easy it is to administer my domain via the control panel and your instructions on the web. And all of that for just R9.99 per month! Please accept my thanks and I hope host4africa will be very successful in future!
» Jan de Mooij (Kagisong Hospice Trust)

I must congratulate you on the great service I have received from yourselves in the short space of time that I have been a customer. My enquiries have been handled promptly and professionally. Thank you.
» Gary Terrazas

Thank you for your prompt and professional service.
» Gert Swanepoel

Your service has been truly outstanding and I have recommended your site to a number of people. Thank you once again
» Gina

I'm already more pleased within the first 48 hours of being with you guys than I had been in months at the last place. I've already mentioned you to some friends, and I'll continue to recommend you to anyone I know looking for web hosting. "
» John Meyer

"Thank you for the control panel. Finally I get to do what I want when I want!!! =)"
» Philip Brown

"I have never had a better web host! There are obviously many companies out there who could take a few lessons on pricing, customer support and attitude."
» Alain Fountain

"Fast server, Fast connection, Good Support, Great prices! I think my site has found the perfect home in Host4Africa!"
» Nelson Mvepela

"I couldn't ask for better service, and I just wanted to say once again how much I appreciate you."

» Amy Johnson

"You guys are just so amazing!!!!! I know you are probably sick of hearing it but I have never been so pleased with a service since I started web publishing in '95!!!"
» Anton du Toit

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